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Links to other sources of information on Soybean Diseases

Go to the Soybean Plant Health Initiative.   Soybean Plant Health Initiative
This is an excellent source of information on many soybean health topics, especially white mold, brown stem rot, Phytophthora rot, soybean cyst nematode, soybean aphids, and sudden death syndrome.

Go to Varietal Information Program for Soybeans   Varietal Information Program for Soybeans
This site contains information on disease resistance ratings and other trait information for many soybean varieties.

Go to the Laboratory for Soybean Diseases.   Laboratory for Soybean Diseases
This site describes soybean diseases as well as current and recent research activities on many important soybean diseases in Illinois from the laboratory of Dr. Glen Hartman.

Go to the Soybean Plant Health web site.   Soybean Plant Health web site
This site managed by Dr. Craig Grau at the University of Wisconsin-Madison contains much information on soybean diseases, especially white mold, soybean cyst nematode, viruses and aphids, and brown stem rot.

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