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Links to other sources of information on Field Crop Diseases

Go to  the UIUC Plant Clinic.   The University of Illinois Plant Clinic
Plant and insect identification, diagnosis of disease, insect, weed and chemical injury (chemical injury on field crops only), nematode assays, and help with nutrient related problems, as well as recommendations involving these diagnoses.

Go to APSnet.   The American Phytopathological Society
This site contains extensive information on plant diseases and their control, as well as a catalog of publications on plant disease topics.

Go to Pest Management & Crop Development Bulletin.   Pest Management and Crop Development Bulletin
This bulletin, which is published weekly during the growing season, contains information on plant disease and other pest management issues in Illinois.

Go to the Weather Underground for Illinois.   Weather Underground for Illinois
Temperature, humidity, pressure, current conditions, and weather warnings for Illinois.

Go to University of Illinois VISTA.  

VISTA (University of Illinois)
Many of the reports on plant diseases and their control from the University of Illinois Extension are located on this site.

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