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Northern Corn Leaf Blight



  • Lesions are gray to green in color, cigar shaped, and (3 - 15 cm) long
  • Lesions may contain prominent, dark areas of sporulation as they mature
  • The length or size of lesions may vary with their different reactions to resistant genes within corn hybrids

Pathogen Involved:

  • Setosphaeria turcica (a fungus)
  • Overwinters on corn leaf debris.
  • Races of this pathogen are grouped according to their virulence to resistant Ht genes
  • Race 1 is not considered important, because of use of the Ht1 gene for resistance in most commercial corn hybrids
  • Race 2 may infect commercial corn hybrids that only have the Ht1 gene for resistance .

Time of Occurrence:

  • Occur at silking or after silking of corn
  • Most prevalent during warm and prolonged periods of moisture during the growing season
  • Significant grain losses can result if this disease begins before silking

Conditions Favoring Disease:

  • Moderate temperatures of 66 - 80 F
  • Long periods of dew

Disease Management:

  • Use resistant hybrids
  • Fungicides may be warranted during the early stages of this disease for seed corn

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